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Our Child Care Curriculum

Hands-on learning through play …

Our “curriculum framework” approach gives you a clear roadmap of your child’s education at each stage of childhood, while still allowing flexible, individualized learning plans.


Your child is unique 

We know that children develop at different rates, so we focus on the individual child. We move each child forward at their own pace — looking at development, not just age. Here are some of the goals for each stage:  


Getting ready for school begins at infancy

  • Exploring their environment – and their sense of self.
  • Observing, listening and responding to the communication of others. 
  • Bonding in social relationships.
  • Engaging in story time and other early literacy activities.


Toddlers explore the world around them

  • Building relationships and learning to manage their emotions. 
  • Following simple routines
  • Using all their senses to learn joyfully about the world. 
  • Developing problem-solving skills
  • Engaging in language, literacy, writing and drawing activities.

Preschoolers – stepping out with confidence

  • Developing a willingness to try new learning activities and problem solving. 
  • Learning what it means to be part of a group and following rules and routines. 
  • Strengthening muscle skills and healthy habits. 
  • Recognizing letters and words and increasing communication skills.


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